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Privacy Policy


Update Date: July 20, 2021

I. Scope of Application

Except for separate privacy policies for certain products or services, this privacy statement shall apply to the personal information collected from our website and related products and processed by realfit (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter referred to as “realfit” or “we”). We are your data controller. For the convenience of reading this privacy statement, our website and related products are hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Services”.  

For the purpose of this privacy statement, “personal information” means a variety of information electronically or otherwise recorded specific to an identified or identifiable natural person separately or in combination with other information.  Such personal information shall include without limitation to the basic information and device information you provide or upload.

II. Personal Information Collected by U s

The type of personal information we collect depends upon how you interact with our services.

1. Information you provide for us

(1) Your communications with us. When you make a request for information related to our services, offer suggestions or opinions on our services, have the products repaired under warranty, sign up for our marketing activities, register for understanding our current news or otherwise communicating with us, we will collect your personal information, including your email address, phone number and correspondence address.

(2) Questionnaire. We might send an email to the email address you’ve indicated in registering our account to invite you to take part in our questionnaire survey. If you decide to participate in the survey, you might be required to provide certain information, including personal information.  

(3) Interactive functions. We might provide interactive functions, including like, comment and repost . We and others using our services might collect the information you submit or provide through the aforementioned interactive functions. All information you provide in public in the above interactive functions will be deemed “public”, not protected by the privacy protection measures mentioned in this privacy statement. Once you use the interactive functions, the personal information you provide might be viewed and used by third parties for their own purposes.

(4) Meetings, trade shows and other activities. We might take part in meetings, trade shows and other activities. In these meetings, trade shows and other activities, we will collect personal information from individuals who interact with realfit and/or service or who are interested in realfit and/or services. If you provide us with any information in any of such activities, we will use such information according to our purposes of information collection.  

(5) Business development and strategic partnership. We might collect personal information from individuals and third parties to evaluate and look for potential business opportunities.  

2. I nformation a utomatic ally  collect ed  

(1) Automatic data collection. During your use of our services, we might automatically collect certain information, including your IP address, user setting, MAC address, cookie, mobile advertisements, other unique identifiers; details and location information on your browsers, operating systems or devices (including the locations inferred based on your IP address); Internet service providers, mobile operators; the pages you access before, during and after use of the services; information about the links you click, how you interact with services (including your activity frequency and duration), and other information on how you use the services.


(2) Cookie, pixel tags /web beacons and analytical information .  We and third parties providing information, advertisements or other functions may use cookie, pixel tags , local storage and other technologies (hereinafter referred to as “the Technologies”) to automatically collect information through services. The Technologies are mainly small data files stored in your devices that we and our partners use for recording certain information when you access our services or interact with our services.

A. Cookies. Cookies are small text files stored in devices and browsers for storing prior options. Most browsers allow you to block and delete cookies. However, the services might not work normally if you block and delete cookies.

B. Pixel tags /web beacons. Pixel tags  (also known as “web beacons”) are a string of codes embedded in the services and used to collect information about the application of related services. With the use of pixel tags , we can record related information, including users’ access to specific webpages or click of certain advertisements. We can also incorporate web beacons into our emails to confirm if the emails are opened, processed or forwarded.  

C. Analysis .  We might collect and process the analytic information about our services by Google Analytics or other statistical analysis tools. To know more details about how Google uses data, please visit may access or choose not to use Google Analytics to collect and process the data you generate via our website.  

3. Information of other sources  

We might acquire information about you from other sources, including third party services and organizations.  

III. How W e Use Y our Personal Information

We will use your personal information for different commercial purposes, including:  

1. Provide requested services or information, including:

• Perform the contract concluded between us and you;

• Answer questions, make comments and respond to other requests;

• Grant access to some of our services, and use certain functions and characteristics;

• Respond to customers or their requests for technical support.

2. Management purposes, including:


• Seek lawful interests such as direct sales, R&D (including marketing research), cyber and information security as well as fraud prevention;

• Measure interest in and loyalty to our services;

• Improve services;

• Develop new products and services;

• Ensure internal quality control and safety;

• Authenticate and verify personal identity;

• Perform audit;

• Communicate with you in respect of your account, our service activities and modification to the privacy statement;

• Prevent activities which might be banned or illegal and file lawsuits against such activities;

• Execute our agreements;

• Comply with our legal obligations.


3. Perform marketing for our products and services. We might customize and provide content and advertisements with your personal information. We may provide you with such information as permitted by applicable laws. If you have any question about our marketing practices or you don’t expect us to use your personal information for marketing, you may contact us at, and let us know your needs.

4. Consent. We might use your personal information for other purposes we have clarified towards you when you provide your personal information, or use your personal information for other purposes with your consent.

5. Use de-identified and aggregated information. We might use your personal information and other data to create de-identif ied  and/or aggregated information, including de-recognizing demographic information, location information, information on your devices accessing our services or other analyses created by us. The de-identified and/or aggregated information is not personal information. We may use and disclose such information for multiple purposes, including research, internal analysis, analysis and any other purposes permitted by laws.

6. Share content with friends or colleagues. In our services, we might provide various tools and functions. For instance, we might allow you to provide information about your friends through our recommended services. For our recommended services, we might allow you to forward to or share with friends or colleagues some content, including forwarding emails to invite your friends to use our services.

7. How we use automatic collection technologies. We and third parties providing information, advertisements or other functions may use cookie, pixel tags , local storage and other technologies to automatically collect information through services. We use these technologies for several reasons as follows:

• Operation needs. We might use technologies to facilitate your use of application programs and tools using our services necessary for identifying abnormal site practices, preventing fraudulent acts and enhancing security, or let you use our functions;

• Performances evaluation. We might evaluate performances of our services with technologies, including performing analysis to help us understand how visitors use services;

• F unctions enhancement. When you access or use our services, we might use technologies that  may provide you with enhanced functions, which might include identifying your identity when you register for using our services and tracking your specific preferences, interests or previous viewed items;

• P ublicity or attraction of target audience. We might use our or third party technologies (including cross-device tracking) to provide content in our services or on third party websites, including advertisements related to your interests.

IV. How W e Disclose Y our Personal Information

We might share personal information with the following types of third parties:  

1. Service providers. We might share your personal information we collect with third party service providers. We provide personal information for several types of service providers as follows: (i) service providers providing services; (ii) service providers providing you with requisite information, products and other services; (iii) marketing and advertising service providers; (iv) payment and transaction processing service providers; (v) customer service providers; (vi) providers of IT and related services.  

2. Business partners. We might provide our business partners with personal information, to provide you with requisite products or services. We might also provide personal information for our business partners who provide products or services together with us.  

3. Affiliates. We might share personal information with affiliates of realfit.

4. Advertising partners. In our services, we might allow our third party advertising partners to set technologies and other tracking tools to collect information about your activities and devices (including your IP address, cookies, accessed pages, locations, and time of visit). When you access third party services in third party networks, the advertising partners might use such information (and similar information collected from other websites) to send you directional advertisements. Directional advertisements are generally called “interest-based advertisements” or “personalized advertisements”. If you don’t expect us to share your personal information with our third party advertising partners, you may contact us at, and let us know your needs.

5. Application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK). We might use third party APIs and “SDKs” as partial functions of our services. APIs and SDKs might allow third parties (including advertising partners) to collect your personal information, in order to provide information more pertinent to you. To know more details about our use of APIs and SDKs, please contact us based on the following contact information.

6. Disclosure for protecting us or others. We may access, save and disclose any information we save with respect to you on condition that we sincerely believe that it is necessary or appropriate to do so for the following purposes: (i) comply with law enforcement or national security requirements and legal procedures, including court orders and summons; (ii) protect your, our or others’ rights, properties or security; (iii) execute our policies or contracts; or (iv) assist in investigating or filing lawsuits against suspicious or actual illegal activities.


7. Disclosure at the time of merger, sales or other asset transfer. If we are involved in merger, acquisition, financial due diligence, restructuring, bankruptcy, takeover, asset purchase or sales, or service transfer to another provider, your information would be sold or transferred as a part of such transactions to the extent permitted by laws or contracts.

V. Cross-border Transmission of Personal Information

All information we process might be transferred, processed and saved in any part of the world, including but not limited to the People’s Republic of China, India and other countries, where the data protection laws might differ from those in your place of residence. You have understood that the risks somewhat vary under different data protection laws. Under these circumstances, we will take measures to ensure that the data we collect will be processed in accordance with this privacy statement and applicable laws. Besides, we warrant that your personal information will be equally protected in the country/place where your products or services are. For example, we will seek your approval for cross-border transfer of personal information, or have personal information encrypted or de-identified prior to cross-border data transfer, enter into necessary data transmission/sharing agreements with data recipients and take other security measures.

VI. Your Options


1. General provisions. You may choose not to use your personal information under certain circumstances.  

(1) Email. If you don’t want to receive some emails from us, you may use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and choose  not to receive such emails. Please be informed that you will still receive transaction emails about the products or services you need. We might also send you some non-promotional information related to us and our services. You cannot refuse to receive such information (e.g. information related to the updates of the services, or our service terms or this privacy statement).  

(2) “Do Not Track”. Do Not Track (“DNT”) is a privacy preference that users may set in certain network browsers. Please be noted that we will not respond to or accept transmissions marked DNT or similar transmissions performed through network browsers.

(3) Cookies and interest-based advertisements. When permitted by the browsers or devices, you may stop or restrict placement of technologies in your devices by adjusting your preferences, or delete them. Please be noted that the cookie-based exit option is null for mobile application programs. However, you may reject personalized advertisements in some mobile application programs according to the instructions of Android and iOS.


Please be noted that you must separately choose to exit in each browser and device.  

VII. Your Rights to  your Personal Information   

According to the applicable laws, you might be entitled to:  

(i) Require us to confirm if we are processing your personal information;

(ii) Access your personal information or copies of your personal information;

(iii) Oppose or restrict our use of your personal information;

(iv) Require us to correct or revise inaccurate, untrue, incomplete or improperly handled personal information;

(v) Withdraw your consent;  

(vi) Require us to delete your personal information in our possession;

(vii) Cancel your personal account;

(viii) F ile complaints. You have the right to contact us and file complaints. We will try to reply to you within 15 business days after receiving your complaint (or within the time limit extended as permitted by the laws of corresponding judicial jurisdiction). If you are unsatisfied with our reply, especially when our personal information processing prejudices your legitimate rights and interests, you may complain or report to the regulatory departments of corresponding judicial jurisdiction, or file lawsuits with a competent court.  

Except for certain exceptional circumstances stipulated by laws. If you intend to exercise the foregoing rights, please contact us at

We will process such requests according to applicable laws. To protect your privacy, we will take measures to verify your identity before implementing your requests.

VIII. How W e Retain Y our Personal Information

Generally, we will only retain your personal information for a period specified in the privacy statement or necessary for realizing the purposes informed in collecting such information, except that a longer period of retention is otherwise specified by laws. Once such period expires, we will delete your personal information or render your personal information anonymous.

When we discontinue our products or services in part or in whole for special reasons, we will promptly inform you and stop collecting and processing the personal information on related products or services. Besides, we will delete the personal information related to such products or services in our possession or render them anonymous, unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations.

IX. How W e Protect Y our Personal Information

We will take measures to safely process your information according to this privacy statement. However, no system is 100% safe, so we cannot assure or warrant to you that all information you offer to us will be absolutely safe. To the greatest extent permitted by the applicable laws, we will not assume any responsibility for unauthorized disclosure.

Once you use our services or offer us your personal information, it means that you agree that we may electronically communicate with you with respect to security, privacy and management about your use of the services. If we become aware  that the security system is destroyed, we might try to electronically inform you (e.g. issuing a notice in the services and emailing you).

X. Third Party Website/Application Programs

The services might contain the links to other websites/application programs. Other websites/application programs might mention or link to our services. These third-party services are not under our control. We strongly recommend you to read the privacy policies of all websites and application programs interacting with you.

XI. How W e Process Children’s Personal Information

The services are not specific to children who are younger than 14 (or other ages stipulated by the local laws). We will not collect personal information from children at will. If you are aware  that your children have provided us with their personal information without your consent, you may contact us at and inform us of your request. If we are aware  that any child’s personal information has been collected against the applicable laws, we will immediately take actions to delete such information and such child’s account.

XII. Update of Privacy Statement

We may decide to update this privacy statement from time to time at our own discretion. If we have made material modifications to this privacy statement, we will inform you according to the applicable laws. You understand and acknowledge that you will be deemed to accept the updated privacy statement if you continue using the services after the new privacy statement takes effect.

XIII. Contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this privacy statement, or hope to make a request for exercising the rights elaborated in this privacy statement, please contact us. The contact information is as follows:

realfit (Shenzhen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Room 301, Block B, F2, TCL Hi-tech Industrial Park, No. 1001, Zhongshanyuan Road, Shuguang Community, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Customer Service:


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